Respecting the seasonality, you will be guided to discover the cultivated fields and vegetable gardens

Educational farm

The "La Rosa dei Venti" Educational Farm was founded in 2013 and offers its visitors, young and old, educational tours aimed at getting to know the area, the methods of production and the enhancement of typical products also through the creation of ancient recipes.

Upon reservation, visits to the company and to the crops, workshop days in the kitchen and tastings of our products and of Trasimeno are carried out


Respecting the seasonality, you will be guided to discover the cultivated fields and vegetable gardens, to learn about the various crops and their history, the cultivation techniques and the various vegetative cycles; Experimental hand picking days of the Trasimeno bean; Demonstration of processing and transformation of the crop, through manual and mechanical processes.


Traditional cooking workshop with the products of our company and other typical products of the area; Cooking courses: from wheat grain to flour, to make handmade bread, pasta and biscuits; Guide to genuine food: organoleptic and nutritional properties, taste and health of products grown naturally and according to season.


Created for children and teenagers, the workshops are active educational experiences to introduce the cycles and dynamics of agriculture, the characteristics of our products and their processing. Participants will also be involved in the creation of a typical "product" of our company, always accompanied by qualified operators recognized by current legislation.


Guided tastings to discover the company's products

Guided tastings to discover the products of the farm and other typical products of our territory. A real tour through the traditional flavors of our cuisine, from garden produce to Trasimeno beans; seasoned with our extra virgin olive oil and accompanied with a glass of wine, with the dishes cooked together according to the season and the Tuscan-Umbrian and Trasimeno gastronomic typicalities.

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Farm and Organic Products

Location of Agricola Bittarelli and map

Our company is located on the hills of Lake Trasimeno

The Bittarelli family has lived and worked on these lands since 1940, first as farmers and since 1970 as owners.
Thus the family-run Bittarelli farm was born, which extends over about 30 hectares and uses the biological method and land rotation for its productions, to obtain a healthy and quality harvest.

Since 2003 we have started the production of small national chickpeas, spelled, barley, grass peas and Trasimeno bean, an ancient legume that has found in these places the ideal climate and soil to become a unique and high quality product, protected by the Trasimeno bean Consortium.